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John Duran


This will be Mr. Duran’s fourth year teaching at MMHS, but before that he worked here as a coach and campus. He is an on air reporter and segment producer for KUSI Prep Pigskin Report. He is married and has three kids.

“I never thought I’d be a teacher, but this sort of happened out the blue and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.”

Marquis McMurray

Mr. McMurray has taught at Mount Miguel since 2002. During that time he have taught English, Photography, Digital Art, and Business Classes. “I enjoy creating things–art, photography, woodwork, website design, and coding. I’m always looking to learn new skills and get better at what I do. This will be my 19th year at MMHS. I live in Oak Park (the south east end of City Heights) and have a wonderful wife and 5 year old daughter.”