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Learning Goals

The course Digital Art aims to:

  • guide students in developing the skill to find, evaluate, and use information to solve problems and make decisions;
  • encourage students develop a growth mindset through the taking of artistic risks while developing a personal style of artistic expression;
  • enable students to deconstruct the purpose and message in visual media and to be able to purposefully construct meanings in their own work;
  • give students an understanding of the tools of digital art including illustration, film-making, photography, web design, and animation;
  • and develop workplace skills such as teamwork, communication, and time management.

The topic of the course is digital art, but the goal is that you will be learning much more than just the content. The process of learning a new technical skill is a difficult process and often includes struggle and moments of failure. The classroom culture celebrates process of learning and those moments where things do not turn out the way you planned. You will be challenged to find and evaluate your own resources guide your learning and exploration of digital art skills. Ultimately, the course is about learning how to learn.